Calvert brings responsible investing institute to Europe

Calvert Institute for Responsible Investing drives positive change and promotes best practice in responsible investing


Natalie Kenway

Eaton Vance subsidiary Calvert Research and Management has expanded the reach of its affiliated research institute – the Calvert Institute for Responsible Investing – to asset owners and investors in Europe and Asia.

The Calvert Institute was initially established in North America with the aim of driving positive change and promoting best practices in responsible investing.

This is now being extended into Europe and Asia through its online hub hosting the latest research as well as webinars on responsible investing.

“For many years, Calvert has been a global leader in responsible investing and a catalyst for positive change through our research and engagement efforts,” said John Streur (pictured), president and chief executive officer. “[We are broadening] the scope of our mission and programmes in support of responsible investors and society as a whole.”

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The Calvert Institute for Responsible Investing seeks to support financial markets in directing their investments into addressing global challenges such as environmental degradation, climate change, racial inequality and social injustice. 

It partners with academic organisations, industry groups and other investors to create third-party research focused on ESG issues.

Current research projects include exploring and assessing forms of corporate governance, human capital management, inequality and the financial materiality of gender and racial diversity, ESG integration, public finance, sustainable practices and the global energy transition, a statement said.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to the further development of responsible investing,” said Anne Matusewicz, a director of the Calvert Institute. “We want to help investors understand the role they can play in promoting positive change. Examining race and injustice, climate change and other critical issues will allow us to amplify voices that challenge the status quo based on research results and educate individuals and institutions at various stages of their responsible investment journey.”

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