CFA UK launches impact investing certificate

Reflects the growth of the impact investment market

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Michael Nelson

A certificate in impact investing has been launched by CFA UK, designed to support investment professionals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the fast-growing field.

The qualification has been structured to ensure candidates develop a clear understanding of the shape and size of the impact investment market, as well as gain the skills needed to implement impact strategies, including how to develop theories of change and measurement frameworks. 

During the course, participants can expect to cover investment philosophy, strategy and implementation, alongside asset classes and products in private and public markets. Study will also include impact selection, measurement, management, monitoring and reporting.

The self-study course is expected to require a recommended 130 hours of study, and candidates will have 12 months from starting the course to sit the exam.

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“Impact investing seeks to create real world positive outcomes for people, places and the planet, in contrast to ESG which largely focuses on risk factors and performance within a portfolio,” commented CFA UK’s co-chairs of the certificate in impact investing panel, Rebecca Macdonald, managing director and head of investment management at Big Society Capital, and Evita Chiang Zanuso, head of strategic partnerships at Katapult Foundation.

“Impact investments can take countless forms and come in many different shapes and sizes, but the framework that underpins impact investing remains consistent. As client demand for positive impact alongside financial return increases, investment professionals need to respond accordingly to understand the discipline, its application and the different ways it can be delivered.

“It has been a privilege to work with a talented team of investment professionals to develop this qualification which we know will be a key milestone in the further development and growth of impact investing more generally.”

The certificate in impact investing is the latest qualification to be launched by CFA UK, following the success of the certificate in climate and investing, and the certificate in ESG investing.

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