Climate Action tops SDG list of client priorities

Closely followed by Quality Education and Zero Hunger


ESG Clarity

Tribe Impact Capital has revealed the top five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most popular with its clients with Climate Action topping the list.

The impact wealth manager has been monitoring the most popular SDGs when constructing tailored client portfolios over the last four and a half years using its ImpactDNA process, which allows investors to rank the SDGs in order of personal resonance.

  1. Climate Action
  2. Quality Education
  3. Zero Hunger
  4. No Poverty
  5. Clean and Affordable Energy

It found that 69% of clients considered Climate Action a top priority, closely followed by Quality Education with 68%. Some 50% chose Zero Hunger, 47% opted for No Poverty and 43% chose Clean and Affordable Energy.

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Tribe noted three of the top three SDGs among investors were those which created multiple pathways to support other goals; Zero Hunger, No Poverty and Clean and Affordable Energy. All three support “systems thinking” which enable pathways to support other goals, the firm said.

Amy Clarke, chief impact officer at Tribe Impact Capital and editorial panellist for ESG Clarity, said: “Whilst the intersectionality and interdependency between many of the SDGs is apparent, over the last four years, Climate Action and Quality Education have been clear priorities for our clients, demonstrating the relationship between the two. It is rewarding, for both us and our clients to know that their investments are delivering positive impact, in line with the UN’s SDGs.”

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