Introducing ESG Clarity’s Countdown to COP27

Each month we will round up the latest news, views and commitments in the lead up to COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh


Natalie Kenway

COP26 was the climate event of the year in 2021, some would argue for the wrong reasons, and COP27, being held in Egypt this November, is set to be another pivotal event for business and the environment.

Companies are (hopefully) drilling down into their net-zero pledges, which came in spades in the lead-up to COP26, working out exactly how they will put their plans into action, and regulators and governments are looking at how they can all play their part in decarbonisation.

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And the pace has changed – as outlined in the interview with EY’s global assurance vice chair Marie-Laure Delarue – shareholders and society have raised their expectations and increased their scrutiny on where and how companies are reporting on their climate change impact, and showing they are analysing where it can be mitigated.

Last year, ESG Clarity ran the Countdown to COP26 monthly newsletter, which proved very popular with readers and set the scene for what was an historic event.

This year, we will of course be bringing you the same high-quality content every month in our Countdown to COP27 series (bet you didn’t guess the name!) and have some expert commentators already lined up to contribute throughout the year. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletters by registering here.

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ESG Clarity has some very exciting plans for our May and November Global ESG Summits, the latter being focused on the climate conference itself.

Keep an eye on your inboxes towards the end of each month for your Countdown to COP27 newsletter as company action steps up a notch and governments and regulators move the needle on climate.

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