Crisis Talks with XR: ‘You wouldn’t take these risks with a portfolio – so why with the planet?’

In the third video in this ESG Clarity series, climate activists – including a newspaper columnist and ex-investment banker – discuss how the investment community can propel the green transition


While activist environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) took to the streets demanding an end to new fossil fuel financingESG Clarity caught up with supporters to discuss how such a green transition would look.

In this video, XR supporters discuss the role of the investment community in the green transition. Climate columnist for The Independent, Donnachadh McCarthy (pictured), explains why targeting banks is more effective than divesting shares.

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And ex-investment banker and founder of COP26 Climate Action Plan, Chidi Oti-Obihara, argues the risk methodology applied by The City to investments must also be applied to the planet.

Watch the previous video here.

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