Dundee wealth manager sustainable portfolio targets smaller companies

Thornton Investments rolls out sustainable AIM IHT portfolio for advised clients


Dundee-based wealth manager Thorntons Investments has rolled out a sustainable AIM portfolio for advised clients.

The Sustainable Future AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service targets small and innovative sustainable companies in areas such as energy, water use reduction and healthcare, and is run on a discretionary basis across eight platforms.

For example, the portfolio holds a company that funds, installs and manages smart meters and carbon reduction assets and is currently engaged in designing, constructing and operating grid-scale battery storage projects across the UK.

Another is an international provider of leak detection and repair for residential, commercial and municipal water infrastructure, which it does through technology minimising invasion and disruption. This company also provides irrigation and storm water run-off solutions, again designed to minimise water loss.

CIO Matt Strachan said: “Some of the most exciting companies focused on providing sustainable solutions to the numerous environmental and social challenges we all face are to be found on AIM.”

He added: “We want to invest in what companies do, not what they say just to get a green tick from a rating agency. Small companies are often overlooked, or cannot afford to play the rating game and yet often they are the ones trying to make the biggest difference.”

With a portfolio of AIM company shares the investor retains control over their investment and can make withdrawals should their circumstances change. AIM company shares that qualify for 100% business relief are fully exempt from inheritance tax provided they have been held by the investor for at least two years out of the last five years, and were held at death.

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