Epworth Investment Management launches two ethical funds

The funds will follow a Christian-values focussed investment strategy


Joe McGrath

Religious asset manager Epworth Investment Management has launched two new ethical investment funds, targeting the charity sector.

The funds, structured as charity authorised investment funds, are available to all registered UK charities and have been designed to run alongside the firm’s cash deposit fund.

Epworth, which has some £1.2 billion in assets under management, said the underlying investments would be made in opportunities which meet “Christian ethical criteria”.

The investment approach includes several substantial policies on themes including taxation, children’s issues, climate change, renewable energy, gambling, human rights, pornography, prisons and military-exposed companies, among others.

“Our mission is to support UK charities by offering them efficient investment options that meet their objectives, said chief executive David Palmer in a statement. “The launch of these new funds demonstrates this continued commitment, through high quality investment funds that are rooted in a Christian approach.”

Epworth was founded in 1996 and is wholly owned by the central finance board of the Methodist Church.

“Our research has shown that along with good investment returns, ensuring that a charity’s values are reflected is among their most important criteria when looking to invest,” said Mark O’Connor, head of business development at Epworth.

“Our robust approach, investing in sustainable companies through a Christian lens, means that with Epworth they can enjoy the best of both worlds.”

The investment group publishes its voting reports for each quarter, in arrears, to show where it has voted against boards of the companies in which it invests. It also lists the stocks that are currently excluded from its investment universe.  Further details of both are available here.

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