‘ESG as a term has outlived its purpose’

London Business School finance professor Alex Edmans joins the latest episode of the ESG Out Loud podcast

London Business School professor of finance Alex Edmans


Natasha Turner

Should ESG be more clearly defined? Is double-think a problem? Can any fund engage in greenwashing? Is net zero a clear concept? Did Tariq Fancy have some good points?

In the latest episode of the ESG Out Loud podcastESG Clarity global editor Natasha Turner is joined by London Business School professor of finance Alex Edmans to discuss these questions and talk about his paper, Applying Economics – Not Gut Feel – To ESG.

At the end of the episode Edmans explains why he thinks the discussion around ESG should be like the discussion around quarterly earnings, despite that seeming counter-intuitive.

Listen to the latest episode above to find out.

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