‘Firms with an inclusive culture are where everyone thrives’

Jayne Styles has written a corporate culture guide for CEOs, in conjunction with the Diversity Project


The Diversity Project has issued a corporate culture guide to CEOs that provides suggestions on integrating inclusion into their corporate strategy, as well as checklists and materials to support any adaptations.

The CEO Inclusive Culture Guide is based on behavioural science and is said to offer practical steps to level the playing field for members of the investment community, while also providing a strong help time-poor CEOs consider different perspectives.  

Jayne Styles(pictured), author of the guide and former CEO of MS Amlin Investment Management, explained: “Culture starts from the top.  An inclusive culture is about trust, fairness, and diverse perspectives.  It is where everyone thrives.  I invite CEOs to use this behavioural science-based guide to review and develop their inclusion playbooks to truly shift the dial.”

The guide is split into three parts:

  • Part 1: Takes you through deciding the steps to take now

Part one is designed to help CEOs determine where their organisation is now and sets out options for how they might better integrate inclusion into their corporate strategy.

Part two provides more options and looks at some of the complexities around diversity, fairness, and inclusion.

  • Part 3: Recaps the key points and provides checklists and resources

Part three provides a recap, checklists, and materials to support culture change.

Baroness Helena Morrissey, chair of the Diversity Project, said: “Progress on hiring more diverse people will only translate into greater diversity at all levels of an organisation if new recruits feel included and have opportunities to develop. Developing an inclusive workplace culture is now recognised as critical in the ‘war for talent’ – the problem is ‘how?’ This guide is full of ideas to help CEOs of investment firms to make practical, straightforward interventions to alter even entrenched behaviours and attitudes. It tackles a big problem through multiple manageable steps – starting from the top.”

The full guide can be found here.

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