Global reflections on COP26

Perceptions of climate change commitments announced at the summit from all corners of the globe


Christine Dawson

There is only one planet and one climate, but the differences in how regions and countries will be affected by climate change are huge. Similarly, sustainable investment professionals all playing a part in mobilising private capital for a common agenda face unique regulation, market and policy circumstances depending on where they are in the world.

There were big headlines from COP26, however, with commentators saying it went some way to unifying and progressing the global climate cause. We had India, Australia and Brazil’s commitments to reach net-zero carbon emissions in the coming decades, and there was the joint pledge of finance firms managing $130trn (£96.9trn) to reach net zero, as well as the formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which plans to provide a international baseline of sustainability-related disclosure standards.

ESG Clarity asked asset managers from around the world to share their views on what the key takeaways and impacts of COP26 will be for their regions.

Read what they said in ESG Clarity‘s November 2021 digital magazine.

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