Greenstone launches portal to analyse ESG credentials

The company says the Greenstone Investor Portal will allow users to collect, manage and analyse sustainability metrics


Joe McGrath

Software provider Greenstone has launched a portal for investors to assess environmental, social and governance (ESG) data across investments, as the sustainability agenda gains momentum across the industry.

The purpose-built Investor Portal will allow users to collect, manage and analyse ESG data through investments, portfolios and funds, in a way Greenstone said will inform and enable responsible investing.

As the market trend for incorporating ESG performance into investment decisions and portfolio management gathers pace, Greenstone has designed its software-as-a-service solution to aid managers who are gathering and interrogating ESG data.

The portal will help them collect, maintain and analyse performance and compliance data against a range of ESG criteria – both proprietary and standard. With a verifiable ESG question library, the software facilitates questionnaire distribution, document management, scoring, KPI and other metrics analysis.

Greenstone chief executive Matthew de Villiers said: “Access to accurate and consistent ESG data is now more important than ever.”

Greenstone has also recently become a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). As an independent body, the PRI is a global proponent of responsible investment. It encourages firms to embed the consideration of ESG issues when making investment decisions, to invest responsibly and manage risks more effectively.

The body also engages with policymakers and its signatories to highlight the implications for investors of ESG issues.

Its chief executive Fiona Reynolds said: “Greenstone’s data capabilities will be of great help to investors as they seek to better manage ESG data.”


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