Impact specialist unveils five ETFs for European market

Focusing on SDG themes


Natalie Kenway

Impact investment specialist CIRCA5000 is to launch a range of UCITS ETFs to the European market focused on five themes linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The B-Corp-certified business has 150,000 existing customers on its direct-to-consumer platform and is intending to bring the five ETFs to market in summer 2023.

In partnership with impak Analytics and Bita, the team at CIRCA5000 screen the universe for companies achieving the “highest impact” according to the group’s impact metrics for inclusion in the ETF portfolios.

The range of five ETFs and their goals are:

  • CIRCA5000 Green Energy & Technology UCITS ETF – Eliminate the 51bn tonnes of CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere each year.
  • CIRCA5000 Sustainable Food & Biodiversity UCITS ETF – Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity through sustainable production techniques and technologies.
  • CIRCA5000 Clean Water & Waste UCITS ETF – Improve access to water globally and facilitate safe and effective waste management.
  • CIRCA5000 Social & Economic Empowerment UCITS ETF – Create equal social and economic opportunities for all subsets of society whilst progressing human development.
  • CIRCA5000 Health & Wellbeing UCITS ETF – Ensure the world’s population has access to the basic goods and services required to live a healthful life.

Tom McGillyCuddy (pictured right), co-founder at CIRCA5000, commented: “We are committed to unleashing the power of capital for good with the mission to uncomplicate sustainability. Our new range of ETFs offers a unique investment opportunity for those who want to support positive impact on the world while still achieving their financial goals.”

Matt Latham, also co-founder (pictured left), added: “Effective stewardship should be practiced by all investors, not just active funds. CIRCA5000 has created an impact-focused stewardship strategy for our ETF range, to ensure our investee companies are working towards both of our goals: positive returns and positive impact.”


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