Investing in the ‘S’ may mean short-term profit dips

Can a Scope framework be applied to social factors?

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Natasha Turner

Considering the social impacts of investing in businesses is rising up the agenda again but is more personal, less standardised and can mean short-term profit dips for long-term gains, according to commentators.

In the latest episode of the ESG Out Loud podcast, ESG Clarity global editor Natasha Turner is joined by Dan Kemp, CIO for EMEA at Morningstar Investment Management and ESG Clarity EU Committee member, and Helen Goulden CEO of The Young Foundation, to debate these challenges and discuss a Scope framework for social factors similar to that for environmental disclosures, as set out in a recent paper by The Young Foundation, The Quest for the ‘S’ in ESG.  

Listen to the latest episode above.

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