ISS adds service for ESG standards

ISS ESG Labels & Standards Solutions aims to help asset managers keep track of standards


Institutional Shareholders Services (ISS) is adding a service for asset managers and owners to help them meet the different requirements of numerous ESG standards and labels.

ISS ESG Labels & Standards Solutions was slated to launch in early February, according to an announcement the firm made in late January. Coverage of the various global ESG standards will roll out “on a region-specific basis” and will include “AMF, GreenFin, AFG, Nordic Swan, UNGC, Label SRI, Label Relance and Towards Sustainability (Febelfin),” the company stated. Following that, it will provide further coverage for Germanic and APAC labels and standards, according to the announcement.

The service would help asset managers keep track of the myriad standards, which vary considerably in their requirements, ISS stated.

“These standards come in many different forms including the integration of global principles, reporting and disclosure frameworks, as well as product specific labels or awards which can often take a combined approach,” the release noted.

“Keeping track of the varying requirements of ESG labels and standards globally is an ongoing challenge for investors,” head of ISS ESG Maximilian Horster said in the announcement.

“The one-stop fully integrated ISS ESG Labels & Standards Solutions tailored to different geographic markets provides consolidated functionality for up-to-date review, verification, disclosure and reporting.”

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