JP Morgan launches two Paris-aligned Article 9 ETFs

Part of the £5.5bn Research Enhanced Index platform

ETF blocks


Christian Mayes

JP Morgan has launched a duo of actively-managed Article 9 equity ETFs.

Both the JP Morgan Global Research Enhanced Index Equity SRI Paris Aligned Ucits ETF (JSEG) and US Research Enhanced Index Equity SRI Paris Aligned Ucits ETF (JSEU) will sit within the $7bn (£5.5bn) Research Enhanced Index platform.

Managed by Piera Elisa Grassi, Sebastian Wiseman and Raffaele Zingone, JSEG will charge a total expense ratio of 25bps.

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Meanwhile, Grassi and Zingone will also run the JSEU ETF, which has a total expense ratio of 20bps.

The funds aim to outperform a custom universe of sustainable companies, while achieving a decarbonisation objective in line with the Paris Agreement.

Travis Spence, head of ETF distribution in Emea, said: “These new ETFs can be used as building blocks for clients who want to implement a view on either global equity or US equity, as well as serving as a complement to a client’s existing sustainable ETF investments for greater portfolio diversification,” continued Spence.

“The active component to these strategies is a key differentiator, based on our 30-year proven track-record to deliver consistent excess returns overtime at an attractive fee level, and with the engagement of our active process to ensure companies are meeting the sustainable objectives of the strategy.”

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