Kristin Hull, Founder, CEO & CIO, Nia Impact Capital

In this episode, Christine Shaw speaks with Kristin Hull, founder, CEO and CIO of Nia Impact Capital. Kristin shares her experience with impact investing, and how her values are reflected in her company’s practices.



Tune in to hear from Nia Impact Capital founder and CEO Kristin Hull, as she shares the importance of impact investing from a gender and a racial equity point of view!

Impact investing involves working with companies with the intention to generate measurable, beneficial social impact alongside a financial return, allowing investors to showcase their values and intentions. With the application of a gender lens, investors can make responsible decisions that align with their gender values as well as their social values.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What impact investing is and why it’s important
  • How socially responsible investing has changed over the past decades — and why Nia Impact Capital uses a less traditional screening approach when working with companies
  • The importance of diversity reporting and how it can change company practices
  • About the work that Nia Investment Capital is doing in the gender, race and equity spheres
  • And more!


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