Mapfre AM launches Responsible Capital Fund

The asset management arm of the Spanish insurer is following up the success of its Good Governance Fund


Joe McGrath

The asset management arm of one of the largest Spanish insurers has expanded its dedicated range of sustainable investment products.

Mapfre Asset Management launched the Responsible Capital Fund on Thursday, following its previously launched Good Governance Fund.

The Responsible Capital Fund will invest in European equities and corporate bonds, with investments selected on the basis of their ESG attributes, with the investment team focussed on capital preservation.

The Luxembourg-domiciled fund will be managed by Mapfre Asset Management with input from French asset management group La Financière Responsable, in which the company recently acquired a 25% stake. The company said this was the first time that the two companies have collaborated, in a statement.

La Financière Responsable will use its proprietary analytical process to assist with the analysis of portfolio assets. The company claims that its Integral Value Approach methodology is able to analyse more than 120 ESG indicators across 160 Eurozone companies, when selecting stocks for portfolios.

“This all forms part of Mapfre’s commitment to a model for the creation of sustainable value,” the company said in a statement.

“In the same way, the company has recently announced its adherence to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), once again with the objective of aligning its investment policy with its commitment to socially responsible activity.”

Mapfre is one of the largest insurers serving the Spanish market, and one of the largest multinational insurers serving Latin America. It has more than 36,000 employees and declared revenues of around €28 billion in 2017.

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