Podcast: Technology must look after environment and society

Introducing a new sector special podcast series starting with a deep dive into technology


ESG Clarity

ESG Clarity is pleased to launch a new series of its podcast, ESG Out Loud, taking a deep dive into each sector from an ESG perspective. Every other month we’ll speak to an investment industry commentator and someone from the sector in question to gain insight into the ESG credentials, challenges and progress of that sector.

First up is technology. In this episode we speak to Leon Kamhi, head of responsibility of Federated Hermes, about the issues of engagement and governance in the technology sector, and the challenges posed by social media.

We’re then joined by dealroom.co innovation analyst Matteo Renoldi, who gives his insight into which areas of sustainable technology are most popular, and how the big technology players fare on ESG.

We’ll be following up with more insight into the technology sector soon, and look out for our next sector special episode on materials.

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