Quilter Cheviot launches hub to support advising women clients

The firm is publishing support and running workshops for financial advisers to better understand the needs of women clients


Natasha Turner

Quilter Cheviot has set up a hub running workshops and publishing support on advising women clients.

The newly launched women and investing support hub contains myth busters, explainers and insight articles around topics such as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, opening up about money and how advisers can better engage prospective women clients. It is also be hosting a series of CPD workshops for financial advisers and their women clients on financial education, ESG investing, pensions provision and investing family wealth.

ESG investing may be of particular interest to women clients as an recent RBC Wealth Management survey found 74% of women were interested in increasing the share of ESG investments in their portfolios and that women were significantly more likely than men to have an interest in learning more about using environmental, social and governance factors to invest.

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Vanessa Eve, investment manager at Quilter Cheviot, said: “The world of investing has for a long time been dominated by men. This is beginning to change, but time and again we see research showing that women with partners often leave the finances to their other half. However, this shouldn’t be the case, especially given that women are due to control 65% of the UK’s wealth by 2025.

“We want to be able to empower women and ensure they have more confidence in taking control of their money. It is crucial for society and the economy that women participate more in financial affairs and this is why we hope our support hub can become a helpful resource for them. Financial advisers are also a crucial part of the solution, so we want to be able to aid them in their conversations with female clients and help drive the necessary change.” 

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