Rathbone Greenbank strengthens biodiversity impact assessment

Rathbone Greenbank has joined the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials


Natasha Turner

Rathbone Greenbank has joined the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) to work towards better reporting and disclosure standards for biodiversity.  

PBAF was formed in 2019 by ASN Bank (part of de Volksbank), ACTIAM, FMO, Robeco, Triodos Bank and Triple Jump. Late in 2020, PBAF published its first Common Ground Report, describing common metrics for measuring positive and negative impacts of investments on biodiversity.

Senior ethical, sustainable and impact researcher at Rathbone Greenbank, Sophie Lawrence, said: “It is vital that we develop ways to comparably assess the impact and dependencies of our investments on biodiversity, so that we can both limit the damage to ecosystems and contribute to the protection and restoration of nature.

“We are excited for the opportunity to learn more about biodiversity impact assessment through our partnership with PBAF, to implement this into our research process and ultimately to play a role in helping other financial institutions understand the impact of their investments on this important issue.”

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In December last year, Rathbone Greenbank was one of 11 new financial institution signatories to the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, committing the firm to assess and set targets to report their biodiversity impacts.

Head of Rathbone Greenbank, John David, said: “As ethical, sustainable and impact investors, it is important we fully understand both how our portfolio companies are dependent on biodiversity and how they impact on it.

“Most businesses depend on biodiversity either directly or through their supply chains and so, as an investor, we need to understand these complex relationships. On behalf of our clients, we are keen to explore how we can better measure and engage on this issue to the benefit of all stakeholders.”

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