Sustainability professor answers questions on Twitter April 14

Professor Paolo Taticchi to describe how business attitudes need to change so corporations can become more sustainable.


Natalie Kenway

ESG Clarity is hosting Professor Paolo Taticchi, a deputy director at the UCL School of Management who is focused on sustainable business strategies, for a one-hour Twitter Q&A. Professor Taticchi will answer questions from ESG Clarity readers on April 14 beginning at 9:00 am EST.

Professor Taticchi recommends sustainability be treated as an integral part of business rather than a secondary cost. He teaches modules on sustainability and competitive advantage, strategy, consulting, and the future of cities and is described as the foremost academic studying corporate sustainability in the United Kingdom.

He has also written the book, Corporate Sustainability in Practice, in which he proposes a new definition of corporate sustainability for the modern age, which he discussed recently in the ESG Clarity podcast ESG Out Loud. 

With his expertise is able to answer readers’ questions on:

  • The impacts of climate change, population growth, and increased wealth disparity on business
  • How the attitudes of businesses regarding corporate sustainability need to change
  • How corporations can take material steps to become more sustainable
  • How his definition differs from past understandings of corporate sustainability 
  • Why any corporate process that creates economic value must also create value for society
  • The integration of ESG factors in decision-making
  • The sustained creation of shared value

Submit your questions to Professor Taticchi by Tweeting a post including your question, our handle @ESGClarity and the hashtag #AskProfessorPaolo. This can done either before the 14 April or on the day at 14.00 BST.

Alternatively, readers can submit questions to with #AskProfessorPaolo in the subject line.

The live Q&A is an initiative from ESG Clarity to boost interaction between the in-house team and our readers, as well as connect them with ESG investing experts. You can read the full previous series here.

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