Sustainalytics launches screening product

Investors will be able to spot companies failing to meet internationally-recognised global standards more easily, firm claims


Joe McGrath

ESG data and ratings group Sustainalytics has launched a product that allows investors to screen companies for their involvement in major incidents.

The Global Standards Screening product gives investors the ability to screen more than 20,000 companies for involvement in major scandals or breaches and looks at the potential impact on stakeholders and the environment.

In a statement announcing the launch of the product, Sustainalytics said that it is important that investors have a way to spot companies which are failing to operate “in accordance with internationally accepted norms and standards.”

Remco Slim, the company’s manager of product strategy and development, said the new product is based on the track records of both Sustainalytics and its recently acquired subsidiary business GES International.

He explained: “By focusing on a broad set of internationally-recognised global standards, Sustainalytics’ Global Standards Screening product can help investors to ensure their holdings align with global norms.”

The company’s Global Standards Screening product considers whether companies have complied with the United Nations’ Global Compact Principles in areas such as the environment, human rights, labour practices and business ethics standards. Companies are then given a status as “Non-Compliant”, “Watchlist” or “Compliant.”

Sustainalytics is also offering an engagement service which runs alongside the screening product. The Global Standards Engagement service allows investors to embrace collective engagement with companies with a “Non-Compliant” or “Watchlist” label. The engagement service can be purchased separately or together with the Screening product.

Investors keen to learn more about the new services can do so here.

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