The difference between serving shareholders and stakeholders

B Lab and Natura &Co join the pod to explain what it means for a business to serve all the people and places it touches, rather than just its shareholders




Traditional companies are built to serve their shareholders, whether public or private, by providing a service or producing a good. This exclusive focus on generating wealth for the end recipient has had devastating consequences for our natural environment, climate and the people who get left behind at best, or subjugated at worst.

A core principle of sustainable business is shifting companies so that they serve everyone and everything they touch. From the ground on which their buildings or factories sit, to their supply chain companies, their own employees, and of course the communities in which they operate, these are all of the stakeholders to which businesses must be responsible.

B Lab, a nonprofit organization, is providing a structured way for companies to undergo this transition. Joining us to share this amazing story are Katie Hill, CEO of B Lab Europe, and Marcel Behar, vice president of sustainability and group affairs of Natura &Co, a Brazilian cosmetics conglomerate and the largest public B-Corp in the world.


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