Tortoise launches trio of eco-friendly funds

The funds will be available on the Tortoise Ecofin Platform


Joe McGrath

Specialist investment firm Tortoise has launched three funds aimed at bolstering societal changes to sustainable energy, water supply and infrastructure.

With an established history of investing in assets that support renewable energy, Tortoise has launched its Energy Transition UCITS Fund, the Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund and the Sustainable Global Water UCITS Fund.

All three will operate under the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), the EU directive for a single European market for retail funds.

The trio will be hosted on the Tortoise Ecofin Platform, which houses the company’s products designed to fuel the transition to cleaner energy, through listed and private investments in renewable energy infrastructure.

The Energy Transition UCITS Fund will invest in companies which have secular growth opportunities related to changes in how energy is produced and consumed. The fund’s objective is to invest in firms focussed on more efficient use of resources and cutting emissions. Sectors primed for this transition include advanced mobility, energy and industrials, power and energy infrastructure and water supply.

The Sustainable Listed Infrastructure UCITS Fund will invest globally in the equity securities of economic infrastructure firms which are delivering rising cashflows. The fund is aiming for a high dividend yield on its portfolio, as well as long-term growth in the portfolio’s value.

The Sustainable Global Water UCITS Fund will also invest globally, in firms throughout the water supply chain that can benefit from the pursuit to solve the water supply and demand imbalance.


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