Willis Owen’s Lowcock shares top five sustainable funds

In January’s digital magazine, Adrian Lowcock picks funds primed for performance


Adrian Lowcock, head of personal investing, Willis Owen

Sustainable investing accounted for a sizeable share of inflows for equity markets last year as ESG became one of the central pillars investors are looking for in their portfolios.

The universe is awash with a huge array of strategies, many of which are lumped in with traditional, non-ESG offerings in their respective sectors. This can make selecting the winners difficult, as without a deep dive into holdings it can be hard to tell how the funds have performed versus true peers, rather than just portfolios invested in the same regions as them.

It is for this reason a number of funds can be overlooked by investors even though many of these funds look to be primed for performance this year and into the future.

In ESG Clarity‘s January issue of the digital magazine, we identify five such names we think can deliver the goods for investors in a sustainable way including those that sit within Willis Owen’s Focus 50 list of recommended funds.


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