City Hive announces Fearless Woman photo competition winners

Competition aims to create an up-to-date bank of photos to better represent a woman investor


City Hive

City Hive has released the winning images in it’s Fearless Woman photography competition.

The competition was launched to find alternatives to basic, stereotypical images found when the words ‘female investor’ is typed into any search engine.

The winning entries will form an up-to-date and dynamic bank of photographic assets to better represent what a female investor is, or could be. City Hive is donating the entire library of shots to the free-to-use image-sharing platform, enabling advertisers, PRs and the wider world to access a wealth of photos showing real women investing.

Winning images are below:

Judges’ choice.
I am new to investing and sharing money knowledge with young people across the UK.
My vision of the future? It is brilliant.
Contribution with confidence.
This photo tells my story as a mixed race, dual citizen of South Africa and the UK. I am a positive role model challenging the danger of a single story through a beauty pageant for over 30 married and single women.
Contribution with confidence.
This photo was taken with the Heineken CEO at their investor day. Of the 80-plus attendees, only four others were female. Beer is often viewed as a male market, so this photo shows that women can be investors, but also have a powerful voice whatever the product.
Standard day in the office being an investment manager.
Making carbon removal investments to slow down climate change.


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