Crisis Talks with XR: ‘Ecocide law must trump enforced fossil fuel investment’

In the fourth video in this ESG Clarity series, climate activists including co-founder of XR and an ex-BP employee, look at how rules must be shaped to ensure a successful green transition


While activist environmental group Extinction Rebellion (XR) took to the streets demanding an end to new fossil fuel financingESG Clarity caught up with supporters to discuss how such a green transition would look.

In this video, XR supporters discuss how the rules of the game must be shaped so that we can achieve a successful green transition.

Co-founder of XR, Gail Bradbrook, says business must back an ecocide law to criminalise mass destruction and damage of the ecosystem.

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And Charles Perry, ex-director of BP Green Energy, says there must sector and geography-specific deadlines in place for the end of burning fossil fuels.

Watch the previous video here.

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