Exclusive: Sarasin & Partners launches multi-asset fund investing in ‘tomorrow’s world’

In this video interview, ESG Clarity speaks to Sarasin & Partners about its new multi-asset fund investing in companies transitioning to a sustainable economy


Sarasin & Partners is adding a multi-asset fund to its range investing in “purposeful companies” supporting positive social and economic development, ESG Clarity can exclusively reveal.

Managed by Henning Meyer, Megan Brennan, Henry Boucher and Artemis Vrahimis, the Tomorrow’s World Multi-Asset Fund will consist of a portfolio of 30-50 global equities, sterling bonds, as well as alternatives. Securities will be chosen on their strategy for a more sustainable world companies solving the problems of people and the planet profitably but not profiting from causing significant harm.

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For example, on the equity side, the Sarasin management team will employ its global thematic approach to identify long-term secular megatrends such as notably climate change, digitalisation, ageing, evolving consumption and automation.

For more on the fund and exclusive insights from Henry Boucher, see above video where he discusses the drivers for launching this strategy, asset allocation, company examples and why ‘Tomorrow’s World’ is used in the fund name.

Commenting in a statement on the launch, Sarasin’s Meyer said: “We do not yet know what shape the economic recovery will take, but we can be reasonably sure of the colour – green. Damage to our climate, polluted seas, collapsing wildlife populations and unjustifiable social problems are legacies of how the economy has operated in the past. Companies have booked profits despite the harm they cause. Tomorrow’s world will be different.

“The current crisis offers a timely opportunity to reinvent the ways in which businesses operate and people function, while building on the positive aspects of recent human development – such as advances in healthcare and improving standards of living. Our job is to identify the companies at the forefront of this movement. These will be tomorrow’s winners.”

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