Fearless Woman: Myths and facts around the data gap

In this video, City Hive explores some of the depressing figures around women and investing


ESG Clarity is delighted to support the City Hive campaign celebrating 50 years of women investing in the UK. In this piece, the organisation takes a look at the impact of the gender data gap on women.

Data and lived experience clearly tell us that we are facing a significant gender investing gap.

However, when it comes to thinking about how we remedy this gap, rather than using the data we have to try and understand the challenges we are facing and the steps we can take to remedy it, much of the thinking seems to instead be rooted on certain perceptions about how women interact with investing.

Women aren’t interested in investing. Women don’t perform as well as men. Women aren’t as confident with investing.

How many of these have you heard?

However, are any of these perceptions, or more accurately myths, true? Or are women just facing unique challenges that require broader thinking than the one size fits all approach to investing that is all too common. 

Take a look at our video exploring the realities of the myths and facts around women investing, and more importantly how the entire investment industry can act to make a lasting change.


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